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Sueños Pospuestos | Mambo: Museum of Modern Art Bogotá, 2015


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(…) The main idea behind these first geometric works of Maestro Riveros is reaching artistic purity through order, specificity, non-illusion and non-self-reference. Following his works, one by one, turns to to be a journey through the labyrinth of the human mind - it makes explicit the pleasure Maestro Riveros feels inventing new shapes and new compositions, reveals his limitless imagination and conveys a great intellectual and physical joy in the handling of materials. Although Maestro Riveros’ work obeys to an abstract sort of reasoning, one mustn’t forget that the Golden Ratio is a phenomenon found in nature, where it becomes evident in the petals of flowers, the distribution of leaves in a branch and the proportion between branches and trunk in a tree. Perhaps this is why Maestro Riveros takes such delicate care of nature around him, showing with pride the most peculiar leaves of the plants he cultivates. And perhaps this is the reason why his paintings, austere as they might be, always show a certain warmth, an attraction that prevents one from passing by - to de contrary, they ask for appreciation, a careful examination, they need time to operate in the mind.Eduardo Serrano. Art critic and curator.


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